Terms and conditions

1 Scope
These terms and conditions apply to renting rooms at Hotel-Ikast.
The terms and conditions can only be changed by written agreement between Hotel-Ikast and the buyer, unless otherwise stated below.



2 Agreement
Buyer must accept the terms of trade at each purchase.
The buyer is encouraged to read the terms thoroughly and familiarize himself with the obligations and rights that the terms give.
Hotel-Ikast reserves the right to cancel the buyer’s orders due to typographical errors, technical problems, system failures and similar situations.
Hotel-Ikast is not responsible for typographical errors, price errors, VAT and tax changes, as well as delivery failures from our suppliers.


3 Payment Terms and Fees
Payment for bookings can be made online using, for example, VISA.
Payment by credit card is subject to card issuer’s terms of use.
When the buyer orders by credit card, the amount is raised on the buyer’s account.
This means that the buyer can not dispose of the amount after the payment is approved.
The amount is raised on the buyer’s card when the booking is approved by the supplier.


4 Booking and risk
Booking relates to the address and telephone number stated by the buyer
The reservation is subject to external conditions beyond Hotel-Ikast’s influence.
Buyer will be contacted per. email or phone, if applicable.
If Hotel-Ikast does not deliver at the time stated in advance to the buyer, the buyer is NOT entitled to claim compensation.
Opposes buying the reservation, for example. By not meeting, Hotel-Ikast is entitled to claim compensation, as a rule, the price of the rented room.
After the reservation is subject to liability and risk of the rental only buyer.


5 Buyer’s responsibility
In addition to the buyer’s payment obligations, the buyer has the following responsibilities:

A. Notification
The buyer must notify Hotel-Ikast of any shortcomings in the room immediately after the defects are / should have been discovered by the buyer.
In case of justified complaint, the buyer will not receive a reduction in the purchase price but will be moved to a new room after the buyer has notified Hotel-Ikast about this.
If the error is beyond the responsibility of the hotel, the buyer is NOT entitled to claim compensation.
Hotel-Ikast may decide to make a corresponding room / r available to the buyer.


B. Payment of costs
The buyer must also bear costs (salary and any fees) if the purchase is canceled less than 1 day before the reservation time – see § 5


6 Seller’s liability
Hotel-Ikast is not required to handle products, including service, repair, repair or collection outside of the hotel’s business area.


A. Consequential damages
Hotel-Ikast can not be held liable for any consequential damages resulting from the fact that services, accessories, etc. does not work as provided
– Possibly. due to connections, antenna or receiver conditions.


B.ProduktansvarHotel-Ikast ‘liability for damage to the buyer, his immediate, buyer’s goods, third party or third party goods etc. limited to circumstances caused by gross negligence on the part of Hotel-Ikast, as well as liability provided for in general, mandatory compensation rules.
Indirect losses and consequential damages are not covered by Hotel-Ikast.
In case of damage to third parties, the buyer must immediately inform Hotel-Ikast and assist in the settlement of the case.
Hotel-Ikast is entitled to inspect the damage.
In the event of damage to any storage media (eg audio / video cassettes, data tapes, CD-ROMs, DVD, etc.) due to defects in the product, Hotel-Ikast’s liability is limited to the value of corresponding unrecorded storage media.


7 Right of withdrawal


A. Right of withdrawal
Buyer is entitled to withdraw from this agreement without any reason within 1 day prior to the booking.
The cancellation period expires on the booking date.
In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer must inform Hotel-Ikast of his decision to withdraw this agreement in an unambiguous statement (eg by letter or e-mail).
Hotel-Ikast immediately acknowledges a durable medium (eg by e-mail) for receiving such a notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal.
The cancellation deadline is complied with if the buyer sends his notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal deadline expires.


B. Follow of regret
If the buyer exercises his right of cancellation in this agreement, Hotel-Ikast will refund all payments received from the buyer without undue delay and in any case within 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice by the buyer to cancel this agreement.
Hotel-Ikast carries out such repayment with the same payment method that the buyer used for the original transaction, unless the buyer has explicitly agreed otherwise.The buyer must also bear costs (salary and any fees) if the purchase is canceled because the buyer has not read but only accepted the Hotel-Ikast booking conditions – see § 5

Hotel-Ikast may withhold the refund until Hotel-Ikast has approved the cancellation

The buyer can not make the right of withdrawal applicable in the following cases:
If the booking is not canceled no later than 1 day before the first booking day, the cancellation right is not applicable.


8 Privacy policy and disclosure of personal data
According to the Personal Data Act, Hotel-Ikast is obliged to inform the buyer of the types of personal data being treated for the purpose of the treatment and to whom the information is disclosed.
Hotel-Ikast treats the following information about the buyer:

All data entered during a purchase!
When the buyer book at www.Hotel-Ikast, the buyer is registered as a customer.
The personal information that is registered is: Name, address, phone number and e-mail and other relevant data.

Hotel-Ikast also registers alternate delivery addresses, if the buyer enters one in connection with the purchase.
The treatment consists of customer management and marketing.

Hotel-Ikast never passes this information!
The information is kept for a minimum of five years, as the Posting Act requires this.


The data controller is:

Hotel Ikast
saturn road 1
7430 Ikast


If Hotel-Ikast is aware that information about the buyer is incorrect or misleading, Hotel-Ikast is entitled to correct or delete the information so that the processing can be done on a correct basis.
The buyer can at any time print out the personal data stored at Hotel-Ikast at the buyer.
The buyer can complain about Hotel-Ikast’s processing of information about the buyer to Hotel-Ikast and to the Data Inspectorate.


9 Marketing
The e-mail address that Hotel-Ikast has received in connection with the buyer’s order at www.Hotel-Ikast can be used by Hotel-Ikast to market their own corresponding products or services to buy by electronic mail.
It is possible to unsubscribe at any time by writing to nomail@hotel-ikast.com


10 Complaints
The buyer has the opportunity to process a complaint (upon written request) to:
Hotel Ikast.

The buyer also has the opportunity to file a complaint with the Center for Complaints and / or the Consumer Complaints Board.
Read more at www.forbrug.dk. The legal relationship is governed by Danish law.


11 In case of damage to furniture
In case of damage to inventory, room, land, property or anything else in Hotel- Ikast Registry – it is the full responsibility of the buyer to replace the damage.

If an injury is not reported per mail or telephone – Hotel-ikast is entitled to charge a fee of 5000 DKK.